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Monetise your audience with a twist.

Create email courses with ease and distribute to your audience with 1-click

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$24’281 earned.

Monetize your knowledge and expertise with email courses. Convert followers into paying customers across your platforms and build out your email list of loyal fans.

Create course

Create courses effectively with our course builder and continuously modify as needed

Set price tag

Set a price for your email course starting at 5$, allowing you to match the course value to the price easily

Distribute course

Share the course to your audience with a click of a button and see sales and subscribers coming in

Packed with all the tools you need

AI-assisted course builder

Creating courses has never been easier. Use our AI-assistant to draft course outline, paragraphs and improve text for readability

One-click sharing

Your email course resides on a unique URL that can be easily shared with your audience. Subscribers can purchase and subscribe to the course with 2-clicks and 1 payment

Subscribers are yours

We understand the value of email lists and hence we make it very easy for you to export emails from your course subscribers to your own email lists such as Beehiiv or Substack

Weekly payouts

Whatever you earn with your email course is paid out to you on a weekly basis to your bank account. Creating courses was never more fun.

100% owned by you

The most valuable asset of every creator is the direct relationship they have with their audience and we know that. Snackz is built by creators for creators and everything you create on Snackz, every subscriber you gain on Snackz will be 100% owned by you, no questions asked. We will always prioritise the ability for you to transition in and out of Snackz as easy as possible. This not only means the easy export of your gained email lists but also the export of all the content that you create on Snackz. This is our promise that we can give.

Rizvi Haider

Founder of Snackz

Join the waitlist and benefit

Everyone on the waitlist will get early access to the beta once launched however the top 30 users on the waitlist will get extra benefits. You can jump up the ladder by referring Snackz to other creators.


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What is Snackz?

Substack helps anyone create an email course and share with their audience. No tech knowledge is required. Without ads and algorithms to get in the way, you can sustain a direct relationship with your readers and retain full control over your creative work.

Do I own what I publish on Snackz?

You will always own your content and your relationships with your subscribers. We make it easy to import and export your archive, email list, and payments information to and from other platforms.

Will Snackz help me grow my audience?

Yes. Snackz discovery page will show trending email courses as well as new email courses from your favourite content creators. 

Why shall I create an email course?

That’s simple. Your audience follows you for your knowledge, inspiration and experience. However, on platforms like X or LinkedIn, your audience receives fragmented information periodically. With Snackz you are not only able to create a course and monetize your expertise but also get their opt-in for their email address. This is your most valuable piece of information that you can plug into your newsletter or your email marketing tool to continue building a stronger relationship. 

See if Snackz is right for you. (It totally is.)

Snackz is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland