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Course Creation Reimagined.

Monetise your audience with text-based courses, created with ease and shared with one click.


Join the waitlist and benefit

Everyone on the waitlist will get early access to the beta once launched however the top 30 users on the waitlist will get extra benefits. You can jump up the ladder by referring Snackz to other creators.


First ones to get access to Snackz and earn revenue


Free access to all features for 1 year


Featured on Snackz Discovery for 1 year


What is Snackz?

Snackz helps anyone create an email course and share with their audience. No tech knowledge is required. Without ads and algorithms to get in the way, you can sustain a direct relationship with your readers and retain full control over your creative work.

Do I own what I publish on Snackz?

You will always own your content and your relationships with your subscribers. We make it easy to import and export your archive, email list, and payments information to and from other platforms.

Will Snackz help me grow my audience?

Yes. Snackz discovery page will show trending email courses as well as new email courses from your favourite content creators. 

See if Snackz is right for you. (It totally is.)

Snackz is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland